Zimbabwe – AMI Investor Harbinger Capital Partners Initiates Strategic Review

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African Medical Investments PLC (LON:AMEI) said its controlling shareholder Harbinger Capital Partners, which holds 53.9 percent, has initiated a strategic review of the company’s operations to assess how best to take the business forward and maximise value from its assets.

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Apparently, Harbinger Capital’s “strategic review” was too late to stop the air ambulance……HK

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Zimbabwe – AMI Launches Air Ambulance. Too bad it won’t fly…

African Medical Investments has opened a new private boutique hospital in Zimbabwe and launched an air ambulance service.

“Our AMI Aviation service is an area of opportunity for the company both in generating income for the group and providing the company with increased visibility,” African Medical head of operations Peter Annesley said.

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This article was listed in the 14 March, 2011 issue of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor.


I’ll put this as politely as possible: An ambulance service tied to a hospital is a loss maker. Not a loss-leader, but a loss maker.

An air ambulance service tied to a private, small hospital is worse than a loss maker.

An air ambulance with a purpose to support a hospital’s market strategy is …. I refrain from following AMI’s logic.

Attempts to contact AMI and Harbinger Capital have not been returned.

For some time now we have brought AMI to our readers’ attention. For every positive move they make it appears they are destined to follow with folly.

An air ambulance with a mission to fill hospital rooms is the type of decision making we see in other regions. And those regions have plenty of defunct hospitals.

In our initial assessment, the trouble with AMI is its close ties to the extraction industry. Unless its sister companies pay the full fees involved in flying workers to the hospital, AND pay the exorbitant trauma fees that will follow, we are not positive with this arrangement.

We expect the extraction companies will drag out their payables…………..HK

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