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China – Hospitals and Airports:
There are 175 airports in China, with its 1.3 billion people.

The US has 15, 095 airports with 330 million people.

But wait; The US has 32 hospital beds per 10,000 people. China has 41 beds per 10,000.

Uptake: Expect realignment of China’s hospital sector for years to come. (And airport construction for decades….)


Philips’ healthcare division led the company’s sales, showing an increase of 9% Q1 2012.


Like Argentina, Bolivia is getting all national.

The country nationalized one of its electricity providers on 1 May. Remember the gas nationalization back in 2006?

Well, while it’s been busy laying havoc in some sectors, six weeks ago Bolivia also announced plans to issue its first bonds in 90 or so years.

The country ranks “high risk” in the 2012 Aon Risk Map.

Uptake for healthcare: like many frontier markets the country has large resources for domestic healthcare development.


Emergency Care
The global market for emergency care is estimated at $48 billion USD.


Brazil’s BTG Pactual bank launched a $1bn Africa PE Fund. Fundraising targeted to Brazilian investors. Investment sectors to include infrastructure and energy.

Further indication of growing trend in south-south investment and trade.


“…other countries have the mafia; in Bulgaria the mafia has the country.”

Atanas Atanosov, current Bulgarian parliament member stated in 2008.

For more on Bulgaria, see page 10.

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On May 19, 2012

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