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TB & Pharma:
Johnson & Johnson pledges to make its new TB drug available affordably, around the world.

It’s the first new TB drug in 50 years and is to be used for “salvage” treatment, in conjunction with other drugs, to fight multi-drug resistant TB, or MDR TB


In scenes being repeated throughout Pakistan, the number of aid workers killed is mounting.

Several killings in December, (five this month) all were aid workers involved in anti-polio efforts.

These killings are not unexpected. The raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan camp was made possible by DNA typing using a false anti-polio campaign.


Private Equity (PE) in India’s Healthcare
PE investments in healthcare at a record high:

2012 had 34 deals worth $835 million across healthcare equipment and services. Both amounts are records in terms of volume and value.

Large investments in:
Manipal Hospital,
Vasan Healthcare,
CARE Hospital,
DM Healthcare, and
Nova Medical.

Indian healthcare market is likely to double by 2015, reaching $100 billion.

However, per capita healthcare spending is still very low:
India              $43
Sri Lanka       $87
China             $155
Thailand        $261


Everyone knows China’s GDP ranks it 2 or 3, behind either the US or the EU and the US.

But, what we learned last month is that China ranks No. 122 in the world for GDP per capita.


Last year (May, 2012) we reported the number of airports in China:

“There are 175 airports in China, with its 1.3 billion people.

The US has 330 million people, and 15,095 airports.”

What we now know is that China has 93,000 km of train track, for the same 1.3 billion people, while the US has 230,000 km of track for only 300 million people.

And like last year, we’ll repeat:
“…The US has 32 hospital beds per 10,000 people. China has 41 beds per 10,000.

     Uptake: Expect realignment of China’s hospital sector for years to come.”


The number of journalist killed in 2012 increased 33% to 88. Proof the profession continues as one of the most dangerous.

Number imprisoned? 193.

Health workers in Bahrain continue to be imprisoned.

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On February 6, 2013
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