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Since 2008 there have been more pensioners than children under age 16.

This represents significant future liabilities in old age funding.

Note: The emerging markets by and large do not have this age funding disparity….yet. Of most concern to emerging markets: healthcare funding.

Last week in meetings with Mexico’s pension regulators they clearly stated their No. 1 concern were healthcare liabilities.


Turkey’s army is the second largest in NATO.

Turkey shares borders with Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other countries.

Shelling from Syria’s civil war now hitting Turkey, including a Turkish hospital. (Classic Top 10 Plus One Global Healthcare Trend: Nos. 8, 9.)


Emerging Markets
Combined, the worlds’ emerging markets account for nearly 50% of all new car sales annually. Combined private healthcare spend is a ways off.

South Africa
Julius Malema, expelled ANC Youth League leader, will go on trial for corruption related charges. He was charged with money laundering.

Mining strikes continue. ZA healthcare companies continue expansion….outside South Africa.


Projections show Russia to be a net importer (negative current accounts) by 2015, due to strong growth in consumer spending and challenging business environment.

Significant reform in business regulations could unleash foreign direct investment (FDI) in years to come.

Current capital flight however is still a major concern, with a net outflow of $84 bln USD, 5% of GDP in 2011.

Upshot for healthcare: Very positive should business reform take place. Watch stock market for early signs of anticipation.


The ruling Congress party approved draft legislation to allow foreign investment in the insurance sector to increase to 49% from its current 26%.

Should parliament pass the legislation, we would see significant increases in capital investment in insurance companies.

Upshot for the health sector: expansion in health insurance and infrastructure investments.


Nine of the 20 tallest buildings currently being constructed around the world are in China.

Sky City, located in rural Changsha, capital of Hunan province, central China, will be 220 stories tall and contain….a hospital.


Female inspector teams have been hired to enforce shisha ban in cafes and salons.

In an effort to curtail smoking, these teams have been handing out fines to hair salons and other retail operations for allowing shisha smoking. The targeted operation has focused particularly on those retail operations run by women.

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On October 27, 2012

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