What we now know…

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Life expectancy is increasing and demographically, percentage of elders increasing.

Staggering data: By 2040, with current demographic trends continuing, there will be 397 million Chinese elders.  This total is more than the current total population of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom combined. Significant economic shock 2040 and beyond…

In the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta regions, where manufacturing activity is the densest, labour shortages have appeared.  Minimum wage is increasing, foreign firms paying more.

Implications for healthcare sector:

Significant growth in private services, paid as employee benefit,

Senior care services, particularly home and nursing care to grow,

Private health insurance predicted to increase also, especially in corporate world.


Tsutomu Yamaguchi, a hibakusha (atom bomb survivor) and the only person officially recognized as a survivor of both Japanese bombings, died this month.

He is known to have described the impact of the bombings as watching people melt away, like ghosts.


The government and military of Thailand have been at it again….but at least this time their repatriation efforts can be viewed as a bit more humane…

This past month Thailand was forcibly repatriating Hmong people to Laos.  Laos is of no mind to welcome Hmong, nor UN monitors.  Laos claims the UN monitors would “disrupt” the process.

We say, oddly this is more humane than in the past when, as was noted here in the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor, Thailand placed Burmese nationals on barges and towed them out to sea…

Investors in Thailand’s healthcare system might want to take note: though capitalism and democracy may not equate, capitalism and human rights do.

These days many people have smart phones, “…which means everyone now has a video camera and a satellite truck right in their pocket.” (Daniel Lyons, ‘You Can’t Fight the Future.”)

War likely at Cambodian border.


Google is investigating pulling out of China due to online hacking attacks and realization Internet censoring not a core principle of human rights.


Budget Deficits
Maastricht Treaty of EU requires member states to keep their budget deficits at 3% or less.  Newest members struggle to come into compliance.

Budget deficit projections for 2011:
UK                 12.5%
USA               9.4%
OECD            7.6%


Every hour, two Afghan women will die while pregnant or giving birth


The leader of the “undemocratic transfer of power” in March 2009, (April 2009 “What we Learned Last Month….) Andry Rajoelina has abandoned the “Maputo Process.”

The Maputo Process was the agreement made in Maputo to install a transitional government for up to 15 months.

Isolated from diplomatic and aid resources, the US suspended Madagascar’s AGOA eligibility 1 January of this year. 

Polish healthcare fund NFZ’s financial plan for 2010 is 1.3 billion zlotys lower than last year.

Many hospitals have not yet signed contracts with NFZt, deeming the conditions proposed by the fund unacceptable.

Now, let’s see how they’ll do in the near future when private health insurance companies start putting pressure on hospital pricing.


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On January 26, 2010

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