Wasting Human Capital

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This post is about the young, but we see laws and regulations around the world that waste human capital……..HK

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Flickr/IRRI Images

Flickr/IRRI Images

By Rehab Abd Almohsen

A lack of resources, training and funding opportunities are the most cited obstacles facing young researchers in the developing world, according to a survey by the Global Young Academy (GYA), a group that supports young scientists.

The Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) report, published last month (21 January), assessed the needs of young researchers around the world.

Its authors say they hope that providing a “snapshot of what is known and not known about young scholars around the world” will help decision-makers identify “where to focus their energies, and how best to direct limited resources to supporting young researchers and the innovation system of which they are a part”.

Link to the article: http://africanbrains.net/2014/02/25/young-scientists-neglected-developing-world/

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On February 25, 2014

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