USA / India – TriZetto Acquires Tela Sourcing to Expand BPO Services

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TriZetto announced that it has acquired all of the voting stock of privately held Tela Sourcing, Inc., a Baltimore-based business process outsourcing (BPO) with a Pune, India call center.  The deal is expected to add scale, scope and efficiency to the company’s BPO capabilities.

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Lessons to be learned….

I think TriZetto is a good barometer for things to come in emerging markets.  We’ve commented on TriZetto is the past and this is more a story of the future of healthcare BPO services rather than TriZetto.

From its acquisitions and deal making of years ago, TriZetto is now a collection of technology oriented services and the least of which is care management.

We fully expect its care management offerings to be sold off.  The reason is, while health insurance, and its heavy transaction based core competencies, lends itself nicely to large economies of scale, the delivery of healthcare services does not.  (See article on 2,000 hospital chain, page 7.)

Look to Tele Sourcing as the dominant team at TriZetto in the near future.

And for emerging markets the lesson to be learned is…define the offerings quickly, go either tech and transaction or delivery of care, because there is little cross pollination……….HK

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On September 26, 2010

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