The Real Heresy of London’s New Mayor Is that He Is a Liverpool Fan?

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The Real Heresy of London’s New Mayor Is that He Is a Liverpool Fan?

ROME, May 16 2016 (IPS) –
Sadiq Khan is not just the new mayor of London, but happens to have individually won more votes than any other politician in British history.
Prime ministers and members of Parliament run in their home districts, where the total number of ballots are fewer.

Farhana Haque Rahman
Farhana Haque Rahman
Municipal elections don’t always draw global interest, but London is London, and what the world’s pundits and media has said, and as a result what the bulk of public opinion has heard, is that Mr. Khan is a Muslim, born to a family whose ancestral roots are in Pakistan. The general reaction to a Muslim mayor of London is, thankfully, one of praise for the city’s cosmopolitan spirit and tolerance. Abroad, the tone has been one of great respect, with a few spoonfuls of feigned envy.
Other points could have been made about a vote in which the Labour Party, which last won the general elections 11 years ago, dislodged the Conservatives in the U.K.’s largest city. There’s plenty to muse over the fact that Mr. Khan does not appear entirely on the same page as Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s new national leader. And then there’s the detail about how Mr. Khan grew up in council housing to parents who worked as a bus driver and a seamstress, went on to become a lawyer and a member of Parliament, and whose victory speech included the assertion that: “I want every single Londoner to get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family.”….
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