The 12 Tweets of a Healthcare Christmas

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No. 1: MENA region is spot on for private health insurance growth, 2012 and beyond.

No. 2: Malaysia’s healthcare sector is the brightest star in a bright region.

No. 3: Aetna buys India’s IHO. Sorry IHO.

No. 4: Hungary’s debt, and the IMF, bodes poorly for its healthcare sector.

No. 5: Brazil – India pharmaceutical tie-ups are super.

No. 6: Czech health insurance sector to implode, and only the politicians to blame.

No. 7: USA Revenue Cycle Management for hospitals and doctors’ offices to collapse.

No. 8: Russia’s pharmaceutical sector grows short term. Can nationalism of this strategic state asset far behind?

No. 9: India and Religare to lead private health insurance growth.

No. 10: EU crisis drives explosion in cross border healthcare. Poland positioned best.

No. 11: M-Health wins in Africa….for next decade.

No. 12: India’s corporate hospitals will hive off their real-estate, finally. International competitors beware.

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On December 30, 2011

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