South – South Trade, Nepal

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A few years ago I spoke about the huge potential in south-south trade. At the World Bank’s IFC Private Healthcare Conference’s opening dinner speech, I spoke of the logic and demographic synergies that would draw the southern hemisphere together. To view the short video clip, click here.

South-South trade: The developing countries are a potential market that Nepali exporters often overlook

Feb 27, 2013

Like many least developed countries (LDCs), Nepal depends on the industrialized countries for most of its exports. The traditional markets in the North are still important for a number of our products which account for a bulk of the export transactions. But these markets are highly competitive as suppliers from all over the world have their eyes fixed on them. The competition among the developing countries to sell their products in the North is fierce because all of them offer almost the same things, mainly agricultural and labour-intensive products. Access to these markets is not easy either. Large volume shipments, strict quality control and precise packaging and labelling are needed. Moreover, entry into these markets requires complex health, safety and corporate social responsibility which are tough and costly to follow. As a result, our exporters are in a difficult situation in the North while they are overlooking opportunities in South-South trade.

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