SHAME: $58 USD pp for Health in India

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Per capita expense on health in India $58 in 2012: Government


As per World Health Statistics 2015 brought out by World Health Organisation (WHO), the per capita total expenditure on health (at average exchange rate) in India was 58 US dollars in 2012 as compared to the select developing countries like China (US dollars 322).


This is a choice made regularly by countries at all stages of development: guns or health. For so very long now India continues to choose guns. Or in India’s case, nuclear weapons. 
And for some odd reason, India was sold a “bill of goods” that private healthcare will solve its national health challenges. It wont.
What private healthcare will do is alleviate a small amount of budget pressure (e.g. funds) that can be spent on other needs. But again, India appears to continually spend its limited funds on anything other than health.
India is a great world power. Unfortunately India’s leadership appears to not know this…….Hank Kearney

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On July 23, 2016

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