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Intern / Volunteering is SERIOUS Service

Your experiences are a valuable resource in a changing world, and this Volunteering is SERIOUS service, so reach out. Lend a hand in Eastern Europe, South America, or East Africa and we will prepare you to serve.

Our in-country partners will welcome you as a professional and a team member. You’ll experience work and daily life as local people live it. And when you return home you’ll have a greater understanding of your field of expertise, a deeper insight of who you are, and an enhanced awareness of purpose.DC Judge with TZ High Court Judges

Our partners vary from country to country, but in every country and in every community our partners are at the forefront of local needs and have a collaborative approach to long-term development projects. We work with local leaders who have vision, community support and “hands-on” capability. Our partners agree to direct and monitor our volunteers’ contributions of expertise and energy, and work with us to modify and re-define the projects, where and when required. Partners range from  local and regional NGOs and foundations, to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and onto national government Ministries.


It is important that our Peer-to-Peer Volunteers recognize the impact and the value they present. Yet, the most important question volunteers can ask, must ask, is: What impact do I hope to make? When you share your energy, knowledge, and experiences as a volunteer, you become an asset to the project and to the community. And while you are immersed in a new culture, enjoy honest hospitality, and gain valuable insight into local people’s lives, your efforts become part of the project’s story – directly contributing to a sustainable future. Within this context, you are a valuable link in a sustainable future. Are you ready for this kind of impact?


For additional information please contact PHM International directly at or +1.772.388.6496 x104.

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