Puerile? Colonial? Emerging Markets are no Haven from HTA, says NICE

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The GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) head recently told investors the firm may move its drug development operations away from Europe, the US and Japan because of the increasing regulatory burden in these markets, and relocate to emerging markets.

GSK’s move would prove ultimately futile, said Sir Andrew Dillon, NICE CEO. The head of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) stated pharma will face health technology assessment barriers in every country – including fast-growing developing markets.

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Sir Andrew of NICE is much more polite than many of us. Well, at least he’s more polite than I.

 Futile? Sir Andrew states GSK’s efforts are futile.

I would say puerile is a better term to describe GSK’s Sir Andrew Witty’s recent remarks on moving development to “the unregulated East.” This is my term, “the unregulated East,” and I use it to paraphrase GSK’s Sir Andrew’s thinking.

GSK and the whole of old pharma continue to show leadership locked in the sclerotic ways of the sector.

Puerile, as in juvenile or silly, is the best way to describe such leadership.

The notion that an industry would move development to a less regulated environment is the epitome of the short term thinking that is now the standard for old school pharma.

And the impact of development activities including clinical trials, in less regulated markets, is at its foundation, distinctly colonial…..HK

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On February 18, 2012
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