Philippines – Nurses Urged to Invest in Healthcare Services

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Given the over-supply of registered nurses in the country currently, the Philippine government is urging nurses to explore other options relevant to their profession such as investing in home healthcare services.

“Nurses should start thinking of being entrepreneurs,” underlined DoLE Undersecretary Carmelita Pineda.

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This article was in the October 5 News Feed


An overabundance of nurses?  Where?

All joking aside, this is a super article in that it illustrates a momentary market imbalance.

But, in addition to any market imbalance it is important to read into this article the human side of human capital and the potential to capitalize on a market in-balance.

Several years ago I had an opportunity to address the graduating class of a nursing school in SE Asia.  The theme of the speech was the “globalisation of nursing.”  The speech illustrated the enormous demand for nursing, particularly nurses with cultural backgrounds that allow them to move through-out the world’s emerging markets.

The speech also illustrated the need for domestic market development.  Though workers of all types of training and resources will migrate, many would prefer to remain in their home country and make a successful life for themselves and their families.

And nurses have a unique capability to do so, as the Philippines Labor minister illustrates.  Though the minister talks about the advantages of low cost, high demand services, we think nursing can expand across nations through the use of technology.

Nursing triage and patient monitoring are only two areas where existing technology allows nurses to stay in-country……………HK

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On October 26, 2009

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