Pharma Cos Shoot Own Foot

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Here is ANOTHER story of the continuing role of pharmaceutical executives’ tin ear to emerging markets…HK

Hepatitis C Cure Availability In Developing Countries Hits Snag Over Pricing

Posted by: Mike Nace February 17, 2014

Hepatitis C cureLeading world health organizations agree that the global rise of Hepatitis is an alarming health issue — one that may have already eclipsed AIDS in many parts of the world. It is estimated that at least 150 million people have Hepatitis C worldwide — nearly 5 times the number of people who suffer from HIV. Hepatitis C is a particularly ravaging disease since, if left untreated, it can eventually cause liver damage and lead to cancer. While drug development for a Hepatitis B cure to complement the already-developed vaccine continues to progress, the good news for Hepatitis C is that a cure already exists. The issue, however, is not the cure, but its price.

In countries like India, where Hepatitis C is a major health issue, the high cost of the cure is a sticking point between drug developers looking to get value for their product and health officials who see curing the disease as the only consideration in pricing the treatment. According to a recent article in the New York Times by Donald G. McNeil, Jr., the simple pill regimen for curing Hepatitis C — a drug called sofosbuvir developed by Gilead Sciences under the brand name Sovaldi in the U.S. – costs American patients and healthcare companies an estimated $84,000 per treatment.

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On February 18, 2014

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