International Volunteering for Professionals:

Peer-to-Peer Volunteering

Are you experienced in finance, healthcare, business, or the law? Do you wish to apply your knowledge and experience to real, sustainable reform? Peer-to-Peer Volunteering is targeted to professionals like you.

PHM International has run executive and managerial experience sharing programs the world over. From Brazil to Hong Kong, from Estonia to Slovenia, from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg, our programs target the experiences of local expert hosts and visiting professionals.  This unique knowledge and experience sharing philosophy has allowed us to define the international business exchange space.

And it is this experience and knowledge that now allows PHM International to make available Peer-to-Peer Experience Sharing to individual professionals.

This is serious service: Peer-to-peer experiences are an essential component in distributed learning architecture and it works best when facilitated with experience – and allowed to develop organically.

PHM International, working with our overseas partners, now makes available corporate and  graduate level volunteer opportunities around the world.US Doctor in Bulgaria

If you are already engaged in your career, and your company or organization provides for short term sabbaticals, we can place you in a life rewarding service program.

If you are a graduate student and wish to gain experience (and credit) while volunteering overseas, PHM International can place you in a variety of programs.

Whether you are established in your career or are finalizing your graduate level studies, PHM International can custom design a volunteer experience or place you in one of the following sectors:

  • Healthcare:        Clinical rotation; Administrative
  • Legal-Judicial:   Court administration and judicial reform
  • Community:       Human, women, and LGBT rights; Community infrastructure, e.g. solar, water
  • Finance:              Banking for non-banking poor; Micro-finance; Sustainable PE/VC development; Agricultural and business risk mitigation

Countries: PHM International and our partners work throughout Eastern Europe – from the Baltics to the Balkans, CIS, South America, East Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and more.

For additional information please contact PHM International directly: or +1.772.388.6496 x104.

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