Middle East – Hayati Healthcare Provides Region’s First Patient Financing Services

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Hayato Healthcare announced the launch of their healthcare financing services with its first regional office in the UAE.  A start-up business, Hayati provides loans for elective and non-elective medical procedures which medical insurance companies do not cover.

This business was a finalist in the prestigious Harvard Business School Business Plan Competition and winner of the Pan-Arab MIT Business Plan Competition.  Hayati Healthcare is one of the first companies to be funded by the Arab Business Angels Network, a member of Dubai International Capital, and the Gulf Finance Corporation.

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This business model was a finalist in Harvard and MIT business plan competitions? 

Note to all investors, angels or otherwise: healthcare expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcies, personal and corporate. 

In the article the principals state:

“…by investing in a pioneering web-portal, which is a first for this region, ensuring a highly efficient and user friendly customer experience.”

Where have we heard this before?

In my opinion, this business model shows a fundamental lack of understanding of healthcare and healthcare finance.  And shariah compliance?  At 15% interest per annum, even I don’t think so.

So is this a credit agency financing cosmetic surgeries for the middle class?  Or is it a viable financing mechanism for unexpected, high cost medical procedures?

Yes, and no…………HK

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On June 26, 2009

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