KSA – Human Farming: Saudi Arabia Funds $40 Million Training Hospital

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The Kingdom is to fund the construction of a state-of-the-art and internationally accredited nurses’ training institute in Colombo.

The nurses training institute is to be constructed in Sri Lanka at a cost of $40 million. The facility, the first in the country, will include a nurses training college, a 100-bed hospital, hi- tech labs, and would focus on training nurses for overseas employment.

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Massive farms in Brazil for MENA countries faced with food shortages.

Manufacturing facilities in China to produce inexpensive electronics for the US and EU.

Nursing institutes in Sri Lanka to provide human capital to KSA.

Health workers as a cog in a supply chain: We predicted, (actually, recommended), this in our 2008 report on the global health workers shortage and it is one of our Top 10 Plus One Global Healthcare Trends.

What we did not anticipate was government involvement in the selling of human resources……HK

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On June 19, 2012

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