Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Not Stable?

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“Saudi Arabia, I do not believe, is long-term stable. What’s happening in the Arab world will spread to Jordan and could spread to Saudi Arabia. This is a society that has major cleavages, plus in some ways reminiscent of the old Soviet Union. Look at the Saudi leadership, remember the old days towards the end, all these guys that came after, before Gorbachev, that’s where Saudi Arabia is. One after another after another, aging leader. This is not a society that is on a modern lasting trajectory.”

Richard Haass, president Council on Foreign Relations. August 17, 2012

We have been commenting for more than a year now that KSA was in a race to appease its population; its very young population, its unemployed population, its increasingly restless population.

And the massive expenditures on health infrastructure and resources will put many investors at risk.

While long a market of challenging financial standards, KSA is now apparently a country with a politically unstable future………….HK

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On August 20, 2012

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