Kenya – Donor Dependency and Pledges to Boost Healthcare Financing to Attain MDGs

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The Kenyan government will commit additional funding to healthcare to reduce the disease burden and accelerate progress on millennium development goals.

Currently healthcare spending is a paltry 5.4% of the GDP or USD12 per capita.

The health sector is engaged with development partners to explore sustainable healthcare financing options

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Well, current WHO data indicates Kenya spends $68.00 per capita and 4.3% of GDP on healthcare. But let’s not quibble over a few dollars…or a 500%+ difference in per person spending.

We’re going out on a limb here and say this article is a great illustration of how many countries around the world have intuitively learned to play the donor dependency card. And it has nothing to do with the difference of reported data.

What we see too often of late for many countries is the over reliance on MDGs as a means to maintain a “revenue flow” from donors….both state actors and private.

Kenya’s healthcare market is evolving. We hope to see its budgetary planning and financial options evolve also……………HK

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On May 19, 2012

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