India Healthcare Group to set-up a Tertiary Care Hospital in North America

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India’s dreaming the old dream: enter North America healthcare sector.

This is a great story about India healthcare: local infrastructure; domestic job creation; healthcare expansion.

But this story (and Health City Cayman Islands) will have no impact on healthcare costs in the US.

India’s health sector is rightfully enthusiastic and proud of its accomplishments. But for some reason the sector is fixated on entering the US market. Setting up a hospital off shore and targeting US citizens will be a great niche player.

The idea of getting contracted insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid patients from the US is a looser, particularly in light of the political realities of the US……….HK

Healthcare Group to set-up a Tertiary Care Hospital in North America

Narayana Health (NH), formerly Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals founded by Devi Shetty with 23 hospitals across 14 cities in India, announced the launch of its tertiary care multispecialty hospital ‘Health City Cayman Islands’ in Grand Cayman, the Caribbean region of North America.

With healthcare costs spiraling out of control in US, Narayana Health’s model of ‘Health City’ will bring down the cost of healthcare making it accessible and affordable thereby attracting large numbers of health seekers from across the region.

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On April 1, 2014

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