GE CEO Says Betting Big on Health Care as Growth Area

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We comment on the following article only to illustrate the need to recognize differences in global markets.  GE and GE Healthcare here are touting their efforts in imaging technology, primarily in the USA and add a single line about opportunity in China and India.  Well…

GE Healthcare might want to stop complaining about US healthcare realities and start focusing on growing their market share worldwide.  Sure the US market is tough.  Sure the insurance companies are about controlling costs.  But GE isn’t the only player faced with these challenges.

The trouble GE appears to have is that it is trying to get reimbursement for preventative care.  That’s a tough sell.

Taking GE’s product line into emerging markets is great, but what plays in Peoria isn’t a sale in Kampala.  At the 2006 RSNA investors meeting GE touted their efforts at the Big 6 disease states in the USA.   But as we’ll see in next month’s issue, those 6 disease states aren’t even on the radar in much of the emerging markets.

Their investment in Euromedic is a great model to follow for emerging markets.  Glamorous? No. The future? Yes.…….HK


GE CEO says betting big on health care as growth area
By Henry Sanderson
Last Update: 6:01 PM ET May 15, 2007

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — General Electric Co. is “betting big” on health care, through its $17 billion GE Healthcare division, as increasing penetration of IT and technology in the market should drive future growth of the business.

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On June 20, 2007

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