Rethink on GCC Healthcare

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World Bank Calls for Rethink on GCC Healthcare Delivery

Trouble is, it isn’t going to happen.

It’s all good and sensible for the World Bank to ask a country, or in this case, a region, to realign the entire GCC healthcare delivery structure to focus on preventative medicine

But it isn’t going to happen.

And the reason is it isn’t going to happen is found in the last 10 years:  Intense investments (both private and state);  intense regulatory changes; and intense competition amongst the GCC countries have all created a vested market that will be protected.

And it will be protected for, and by the very same players the GCC states have fallen over each other to attract: the private investor…………HK

from the article…..

“By re-orienting health systems in the Arab world from systems only treating sickness to systems also preserving and promoting health, people can live longer and healthier lives at a lower cost to the state and the people themselves,” said Aaka H Pande, World Bank health economist.

“The GCC governments spend an average of seven percent of their annual budgets on healthcare compared to the 17 percent spent by OECD countries.”

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On May 6, 2014

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