Financial Inclusion (FI) in Afghanistan?

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How to Improve Financial Inclusion (FI) in Afghanistan

As majority of Afghan are unbanked this article will throw light to the Financial Inclusion (FI) aspect of how to include vulnerable section of society in financial industry of Afghanistan as direct stakeholders. The concept of Financial Inclusion has remained a serious challenge to Afghan Economy especially to financial industry. This paper will help the newly established Financial Inclusion Department (FID) of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) in developing mechanisms and frameworks to improve financial inclusion in the country.

Before starting the discussion in this regard, it is very much important to highlight the definition, meaning and scope for such technical and scientific financial terminology.

By Khaama Press – Sun Jul 24 2016, 1:58 pm
Asst. Prof. M. Sabir Sidiqee, (B.A, M.A. Economics. BHU), Kabul, Afghanistan. [Read More…]

Let’s cut to the political chase here. The question “How to Improve Financial Inclusion (FI) in Afghanistan?” begs the larger question…How to improve Afghanistan economy, its education, its society at large?
Stop looking for revenge and focus on justice…….Hank Kearney

Figure source: Reserve Bank of India (RBI), 2011.

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