Fat Children Happy Children?

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Is “Fat Children Happy Children” a policy in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia 50% Children are Obese

From the article:

Studies showed that 20 percent of Saudi children suffer from extreme obesity while 30 percent undergo a weight increase.

The data were released at an awareness activity in the hospital entitled, “Fighting Obesity.” Medical director, Dr. Mousaed Assiri, said such activities are aimed at increasing the awareness of obesity and its consequences. “Obesity is a life-threatening health issue that tops all other health problems,” he said. “It not only increases the fatality percentages but also has emotional and physiological effects,” Assiri added.

In a country that ranks lowest in the US State Department’s human trafficking reports – year after year; obese children is another social ill we would wager the Kingdom will do little to reverse.

Years ago it was common to claim “fat children happy children.”

And since the subjects of the Kingdom live in a time akin to years ago, where subjects have little hope of democracy and freedom, in the eyes of the Kingdom might a few extra pounds and the resulting extra health costs be a small price to pay for universal subjugation?

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On April 23, 2014

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