European Model Needed to Improve Bulgaria’s Healthcare Practices

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Bulgaria and healthcare, what can we say.

Look to the border cities (Vidin) and resort sections of the Black Sea (Varna). Private clinics and hospitals are opening with strong internal, domestic demand. Generali has moved into the health insurance sector, and the government’s supporting role with NATO brings new opportunities.In the near term expect a slow down in large medical equipment sales to the government from some of the main players. Procurement challenges on both sides of the transaction. But this is essentially the tail end of the procurement process from the early 1990s.

With any “European Model” will come a significant blend of Western knowledge in private provider network management, private insurance, and educational services.

FDI in healthcare will increase with strong management going with the funds, physically.…HK


Sofia Echo
March 10, 2007

On March 7 Stanishev met directors of hospitals in Sofia and other cities to discuss problems that the sector is experiencing.

Health Minister Radoslav Gaidarski and Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski also took part in the talks.

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