Europe – Electronic Records Before Man on Mars

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Ilias Iakovodis, the deputy head of European Commission’s e-health unit, says that a long-term sustained effort over the next two decades is needed to ensure that all citizens get the benefits of electronic health records.  “…my bet is to be there before we go to Mars,” says Iakovidis, referring to the mission slated for 2033.

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Ah, my bet is this is one race the EU will beat out the US.  In electronic medical records that is….

The June issue of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor had a brief look at the current state of electronic medical records in a large market like the US. 

Place you bets on the markets of the NIS, CIS, Asia, and so on, like the banking and telephone sectors in these regions (post Soviet NIS, CIS, CEE), the barriers to entry for electronic medical records are essentially non-existent.  That is, starting from nothing is easier than changing an entrenched market………..HK

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On January 26, 2009

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