Energy Sector

“Energy Sector Strategic Planning, Leadership, & Team Building”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14 – 21 June, 2015

This eight (8) day training and team building exercise focused on the energy sector of the UAE and its impact in East Africa.

Energy Sector Strategic Planning, Leadership, & Team Building was an innovative program designed by Petrogas Field Services, LLC and managed-facilitated by PHM International, Inc. It was for government agencies and public institutions that directly or indirectly interact with various stakeholders in the hydrocarbons sector.Team Dubai 2015

This professionally rewarding and intellectually stimulating five day workshop was designed to boost attendees’ technical ability to lead others in turning their institution into a client-centered, results-oriented and market-based entity. Leadership is not an accident. It is the logical result of the implementation of certain processes, systems, and technological platforms. Although several governments are implementing institutional reforms aimed at improving performance, such initiatives are significantly impeded by the lack of accountability, transparency and integrity.

The objective of this course was to equip participants with the skills and tools necessary to optimize their performance delivering on the mission of an East African Ministry of Energy and Mining

Participants are expected to gain an in-depth understanding of

  •   MEM’s strategic direction and how to best align
  •   Organizational culture and context and how such impact leadership
  •   Managing and working with others effectively
  •   Building individual capabilities
  •   Applying ethical behavior and bringing capabilities together

Interactive case studies and videos were applied throughout the training to amplify key lessons.

A considerable number of take-away lists and tips were provided so that participants can apply them back on the job.Dubai 2015

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