Dubai – PharmaClinix UK makes its UAE debut

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PharmaClinix, the UK’s premiere skin care products for Asian and Arab skin has now made its debut in UAE.  PharmaClinix’s product range is specially designed for Asian and Arab skin and is scientifically developed to solve the particular problems that people of Asian and Arabic origin face.  PharmaClinix products are in over 5000 pharmacies in the UK and Europe.

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(This article was in the Sept 15 PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare News Feed)


Like the article on page seven about Dr. Reddy’s distribution rights for Cosmederm’s products, we are keen on PharmaClinix’s expansion into the MENA region.


But we like PharmaClinix’s approach a bit better.  Focused on a skin sub-set, PharmaClinix targets Asian and Arab skin.


We’ll take this strategy a bit further:  The aesthetic dermatology segment is in many ways a young, relatively fragmented market.  Many of the top companies have a strong association with the founder, even to the extent of carrying on the founder’s name in their product brand strategy.


This naming brand strategy is out-dated in the larger, developed markets of the US and Europe.  However, it is spot-on in the MENA and Asian regions, a region where medical doctors and clinicians hold an esteemed position in the social and business fabric of life.  (Dr. Reddy’s.)


So the PharmaClinix brand works well in their key markets of Europe.  But with their expansion in the MENA region, a brilliant move, a bit of work on branding strategy would be helpful………………..HK

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On September 26, 2009

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