Developing world tourism 'not living up to its promise'

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Developing world tourism ‘not living up to its promise’

Tourism often fails to deliver improvements such as roads and clean water Lisa Mastny Traveling light: New paths for international tourism (Worldwatch Institute, December 2001) As national leaders tarry over refugees, the EU lambasts countries that fail to step up to the crisis. Questionnaire responses show a lack of detailed plans for science policy, say group of researchers. These photographs show how wind and solar systems are improving the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank. Listen to NGO manager Elad Orian talk about the struggle to power off-grid communities in the West Bank. Researchers advocate vaccines and interpreter training to minimise risk to both sides from contact. Train non-specialist staff to ease mental disorders found in humanitarian and refugee crises, says Islay Mactaggart. The UK gives more in foreign aid than both Germany and France. #refugeeswelcome Green ‘lawfare’: voters feel Coalition is trying to silence environment groups A1: Beyond2015 is a great example of civil society engaging with DFID on policy issues #DFIDCSPR All site content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution License © 2015 SciDev.Net is a charity registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 1089590….
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On September 10, 2015

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