Czech Republic – Regions Want Their Own Health Insurance Company

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The Association of Regions of the Czech Republic (AKC) wants to establish regional health insurance companies.

In this way, the AKC wants to ensure equal financing of health facilities irrespective of whether they are administered by the state, regional or local authorities.

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This article was listed in the July 5, 2011 issue of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare News Feed.


When I read this I had to ask, who is advising the AKC? And in what market reality are the advisors drawing their experience?

In essence, what is happening in this discussion by the AKC is an effort to control a market.

And here I thought central planning was finished.

The suggested reality would be for the regulators to adopt universal parameters (capital reserves, reimbursement structure, consumer protections, etc.) and let the market develop the number of insurance companies.

If investors what to poor money into redundant health insurance companies? So be it….HK

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On July 20, 2011
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