Costs of insulin in developing countries

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Costs of insulin in developing countries

“” The governments in Mali, Mozambique and Zambia spend $28, $14, and $36 per person, per year respectively on health expenditures. The average buyer price for insulin on the International Drug Price Indicator is $80.21 for 13 vials, which is equivalent to 2.9, 5.7 and 2.2 times the entire health expenditures per person for those respective countries. In Nicaragua, the government spends $90 per person, per year on insulin. This is a high burden on a country with a per capita GDP of only $4,223. “” Oct-Dec 2008 In Mali, where the per capita GDP = $900, for a city dweller the cost for diabetes care = $225 a year, of which $132 is for the cost of insulin. *******… Novorapid 1 x 3ml Flexpen $10.09 Novorapid 5 x 3ml pen cartridges $40.20 Novorapid 1 x 10ml vial – for pump $26.36 Humalog 1 x 3ml pen cartridge $ 7.42 Humalog 5 x 3ml pen cartridge $37.09 Humalog 1 x 10ml vial – for pump $ 7.45 Lantus 1 x 3ml pen cartridge $13.87 Levemir 1 x 3ml Flexpen $17.96 I’ve had type I diabetes since my early 20s, and have been interested in widely sharing the fruits of science and technology even longer…. Passionate about Genetic Engineering and BioChemistry. Eager to bring biohacking into the mainstream. Curiousity driven PhD scientist, system integrator and innovation enabler. Enjoys working to develop simple solutions to complex problems… I am a Biohacker enthusiast that has obtained a Certificate of Achievement at Berkeley City College in the Spring of 2012, contributed at… CEO & Co-Founder of Arcturus BioCloud. System engineer, a serial entrepreneur, has been two times st… Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Scientist and Biohacker “When you feel that you should have been born in the future, the only option… Patrik D’haeseleer is a bioinformatician by day, mad scientist by night. He is a cofounder of Counter Culture Labs, and community project… I’m fascinated by science and how things work, and making things. I’m an analytical chemist interested in drug discovery and design and e… Tom saw the potential of modern biology after hearing about the human genome project. He’s completed the “Introduction to Biology – The s… I am a biohacker from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a Board Member at BioCurious, I have organized events, classes and community…
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