China – Shanghai Health Organisation is Coming Soon

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This article is more about Central Asia than Shanghai.  What a great way to lay the groundwork for significant market penetration in Central Asia.  Here we see China and Russia preparing to spend time and money on capacity development in a region the West views primarily as an extraction center. The USA government has an existing program called SABIT to help expose and train Russian and Central Asian companies to capitalism and market economic tenets.  I have personally lectured to many Russian hospital administrators and Central Asian insurance executives through this programme.

Central Asian countries are experiencing a quick rise in GDP growth, incomes, and expectations.  With their growing concentration in cities, the populations are accustomed to large institutional healthcare systems.  But watch for the growth in employer driven health benefits and associated private clinic development.

And now we’ll see this with a Sino-Russian lead…….HK


Shanghai Health Organisation to be established
12.06.2007 16:20:28 Turkish Weekly

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation plans to open a healthcare organization, the Chairman of the Board of the SCO Business Council, Vice Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Dmitry Mezentsev said.

Shanghai Health Organization (SHO) will perform the same functions as the World Health Organisation (WHO) but within the framework of the SCO, and will coordinate the work of Healthcare Ministries of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The development of legal framework for the new organization will be discussed in the short future. At the initial stage, a part of the expenses associated with the initiative will be covered by Russian companies, Chairman of the Board of the SCO Business Council said.

The initiators of the SHO hope that it will ease the process of informational exchange and experience sharing between the six member-states. The SHO also plans to organize trainings and internships for future medical specialists.

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