China – Admits its Companies’ Involvement in Fake Drugs Case

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China has admitted that its pharmaceutical companies were involved in shipping fake drugs labeled ‘Made In India’ to Nigeria.

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This is the story of the summer of 2009.  We’ve commented a couple of times now on this very issue, specific to these countries.

And so it is good to see one of the players admit to wrong doing……And all is good with the world.

All joking aside, as commented before, we see this issue of fake pharmaceuticals, China, and India going the distance in world court.  While Nigeria is certainly a large market, this game is being played the world over.  The Netherlands just recently confiscated a shipment of alleged fake drugs to Brazil.

It’s certainly time for risk managers to hit the ground and start preparing for the fallout between these two pharma dynamo countries……….HK

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On August 26, 2009
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