Cambridge Healthcare Meets Investors in China and US

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Cambridge Healthcare Ltd has set up the opportunity for a global investment boom in the New Year, with America and China the early focus for its cash drive.Cambridge Healthcare is working in partnership with the NHS and Connecting for Health to develop, an e-Health portal for patients and healthcare professionals. The portal will integrate with the NHS IT infrastructure and provide the platform for an unlimited number of healthcare applications.

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On a clear day, one can see….. the tech bubbles.

Mr. King, CEO of Cambridge Healthcare is much too smart a person to be hyping the latest iteration in health portals –

After all, it was only in February of last year (11 months ago) when Mr. King publically announced he had turned down an “…unnamed VC…”

And the fact that the health portal is tied to the UK’s NHS, and includes a personal health record, makes me ask, “Who falls for this stuff?”

I’m sure he’ll find plenty of them when he lands in Silicon Valley, China, and elsewhere. After all, we have short memories………..HK

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On January 18, 2012
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