Calgarians take big steps to help African women for CARE Canada's Walk In Her Shoes challenge

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Calgarians take big steps to help African women for CARE Canada’s Walk In Her Shoes challenge

Helping empower women and girls struggling in Africa began with hundreds of first steps Sunday. Five-hundred people gathered at the Calgary Zoo for a kick-off rally as part of humanitarian organization CARE Canada’s Walk In Her Shoes challenge. The week-long challenge raises awareness about gender inequality worldwide and sees participants raise funds while walking 10,000 steps a day to represent the lengths women and girls must walk in developing countries to access basic needs like food or clean drinking water. “The event is a global walking challenge,” explained Leanne Zee, volunteer co-chair of Walk in Her Shoes Calgary. “This is our second consecutive year in Calgary. We’re overwhelmed with how much we’ve been able to grow.” While organizers hoped to host 220 participants at this year’s Calgary event, 500 signed up and came to Sunday’s rally. Participants raised more than $70,000, an amount that’s expected to grow as the challenge continues and an amount that will be matched 13-to-1 by the Canadian government. “At the end of this, we’ll probably have $1 million in fundraising support for women and girls in the developing world,” said Zee. Those funds will go towards the Tanzania Tabora Adolescent and Safe Motherhood Project in rural Tanzania and the purchase of emergency transportation vehicles that will take pregnant women to health facilities. “The money makes a huge amount of difference,” said Gillian Barth, president and CEO of CARE Canada. Barth said the Calgary chapter of CARE Canada, a leading humanitarian organization in fighting global poverty, started two years ago and is proving to be one of the country’s most powerful groups. CARE was founded in 1945 and today works in 95 countries, reaching more than 65 million people….
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On March 6, 2016

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