Brazil – Strides to Acquire Aspen’s Brazilian Facility for $75 mn

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Indian listed Strides (Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, National Stock Exchange of India) to acquire Aspen’s Brazil pharmaceutical facility.

Link to the article:
This article was listed in the 08 March issue of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare News Feed.


Ok, we do like M&A activity with the players wholly within the developing world.

But there is a back story that may quickly develop into a significant test for pharma deals in emerging markets.

This back story is very current:

   Strides (India) is a significant player in the global market for generics to fight HIV/ AIDS,
TB and    malaria.
Brazil doesn’t like USA cotton subsidies.
Brazil has announced it will consider breaking IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in retaliation
to US cotton subsidies. Among the potential sectors targeted for IPR violations: pharmaceuticals)

Another advantage for Strides and the billions living with HIV, TB, malaria.……………HK

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On March 26, 2010
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