Boston Scientific: “A Day Short” in China

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Boston Scientific’s investment in China will include establishing a local, wholly owned manufacturing center and a training center offering instruction on medical device procedures using therapy-oriented education and virtual learning. The company also expects its investment will increase its Chinese employee base from about 200 people to more than 1,200.

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This article was listed in the 01 August, 2011 issue of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare News Feed.


“A day short and a dollar shy,” so goes an expression.

Like GE Healthcare’s China venture, and Mid Europe’s move into Turkey, Boston Scientific is woefully late to the game.

The debate about China’s status as an emerging market is still ongoing. And viewing the country’s market status as a whole, we’ll keep it in the emerging status.

But for major healthcare operators to ponder and analyze the Chinese market as if it were an unknown risk, we don’t buy it.

The days of Boston Scientific’s “first mover advantage” are long gone……HK

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On August 20, 2011
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