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Our work in emerging markets and frontier economies ranges from executive collaborations, commentary for impact investing and emerging market investors, government advisory, and executive training.

Since 1997 PHM International, Inc. has provided strategic consulting in healthcare, experience sharing, insurance, and capacity development. We work with emerging market investors, start-up ventures, international companies, and government organizations.

emerging market investors

On a street, downtown Tallinn, Estonia 2013

Among the projects PHM International has taken on in recent years, our work in global executive collaborations stands out. For instance, working with the board of directors from a private East African bank we targeted meetings with top banking executives in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The subject was correspondent banking, or banking for the non-banking poor. And recently we facilitated experience sharing meetings in Slovenia for justice officials from Macedonia. The year prior saw us reaching out to civil society organizations in Estonia. Estonia is one of the few countries firmly grounded in the promotion of human rights within a transitioning economy.

Today, PHM International is known for its excellence in global relations.

Working with business leaders, international banks and financiers, and government officials we provide the leaders of today with the tools to change tomorrow.

Examples of past projects include:

Leadership Development

Experience Sharing is the distinctive service PHM Global Leadership and Training Management brings to our clients. In this type of program (our most popular) we organize “in the trenches” meetings with like executives in the targeted sector, economic model, and city. Working under an agreed upon project outline, PHM Global Leadership and Training Management always stays on target with pin-point accuracy, both in content and budget.


PHM Global Leadership, providing the tools for change…for tomorrow.

If you are a company, agency, or individual targeting the world’s emerging and frontier markets talk with us. If you are developing in these regions talk with us. If you are an emerging market investor, talk with us. Our experience with private sector developments in the world’s emerging and frontier markets will prove invaluable.

emerging market investors

International investor’s dinner, Istanbul.

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